by Jordan Prosser and David Finnigan

We are writers, performers, and two members of the Too Many Weapons collective. This is a series of recordings we made in the Peak District of the UK in August 2017.

Because sometimes it's a good idea to get yourself out of whatever loop you're in and record some of the fragments you've been working on.

This is a set of video poem messages to the future, trying to be okay with some hard inevitables: sea level rise, addiction, and the death of people we care about.

Good luck, everyone.

1. Don't get ambitious

2. A Guide to Online Prosperity (you're pretty fucking cool)

3. Baguio Moon

4. David's last will and testament

5. Sketch comedy

6. Riverbed

7. If I had a daughter

8. Green lights

9. Chips with vinegar

10. Jordan's last will and testament

11. Strung out loosely at the end of space

12. The Golden Triangle

13. Every day

14. Sea level rise / It's raining in Quezon City

All words and videos by Jordan Prosser and David Finnigan.

Featuring music by Reuben Ingall, Nick McCorriston and Fossil Rabbit.

Palawan EP

In 2015 we finished work on the Sipat Lawin Ensemble's Karnabal Festival in Manila and headed to the island of Palawan, where we recorded two short EPs of spoken word, accompanied by some unreleased Fossil Rabbit tunes.

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